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Gao Jun nodded, then frowned slightly and said, "If that Chu Shaoyan disappeared like this, Hong Lianshe would actually take advantage of it even more. The Devil’s Cave is still there, Tong Xi is here, and so is their future. On Chu Shaoyan’s side, he is the main supporter of the forces of all parties, once the backbone is gone, it’s hard to say!” ... new york free promissory note for personal loan (lump-sum payment without interest)

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"There is no doubt about this, and everyone should be aware of her position in my heart." ...

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Hao Wenyuan and Jin Yankai, the gossip sects, got acupuncture in the temple and died on the spot! Qingcheng, Qingsong and Qingyun were shot in the heart, and they were also in danger.

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"Three parts, it's not right..." Emily suddenly raised an objection in blunt Chinese.

Shangguan Zetian said worriedly: "Ji Zhonghao has been operating in Sioux City for so many years, I think this tiger is not easy to fight, right?"

Shangguan Zetian suddenly smiled at this time: "Shaoyan, do you know that people often say on the Internet-do I vomit?"

Soon the shells were loaded automatically, and Emily also sat next to the cannon. As a senior Interpol police officer, she has received comprehensive military training, and it is easy to operate artillery. When the helicopter flew around the freighter, Emily manipulated the artillery to blast the freighter with a series of shots.

After the two future heirs of the Dugu family were wiped out, although the incident itself was a tragedy and a challenge to the law, in terms of emotions, many criminal policemen were relatively happy.

Chu Shaoyan knew that she was jealous on purpose, so he smiled slightly, leaned into her ear and whispered: "Zetian, speaking of it, you are the new one, right? So far, we haven't had sex yet. !"

An hour later, Luo Fangxiong asked his superiors for instructions, and got the final answer: It is possible to cooperate with the US military to fight against drug lords, but within the scope of the South China Sea, the US military must obey the orders of the Chinese military; and outside the scope of the South China Sea, the Chinese military You can follow the orders of the US military.

Not long after the meeting with Ye Xiangdong, Jiang Zhengfeng personally came to the city procuratorate to inquire about his son's case, and said on the spot: As a party member, he must be righteous and exterminate his relatives; his son Jiang Zhihua violated the law, and he should be sentenced as he should, and everything should be based on facts Based on the law as the yardstick, the law is merciless!

Shangguan Ding was killed in the Huading Hotel bombing two years ago, and now the Dugu old thief himself died in the explosion. This is what he deserved!

Chu Shaoyan was puzzled: "What kind of tissue is used by women? Oh, is it for wiping your mouth?" .

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The reason why Toyotomi Maaya has an influence on them is because the Toyotomi family has enough shares in Sanwa Bank and Narita Heavy Industries to make them respect. This kind of respect has reached the point where Toyotomi Maaya can look down on them condescendingly. .

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