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Beigong Qingshan's eyes were deep: "Hen'er is good, he is the only one." ... which describes the difference between a personal loan and a credit card?

test. what is extra credit Spreading the news that Gu Immortals want to destroy the Central Territory will only increase the chaos in the Central Territory, and it will not help against Gu Immortals. ….

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how is a credit score calculated - what is a credit reversal .The ancestor of Heishan once again passed the message of Venerable Bingying to Su Ran's ears. |.

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The fifteen princes are not allowed to leave the range of Beigong Ling, even if they go out of Beigong City, they will be monitored. .

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The secret room was divided into two rooms, and the other room was given to Yue Nuer. Because Ouyang Qi became an immortal, Su Ran had the trump card to suppress Yue Nuer, and gave Yue Nuer the spiritual fruit that Yue Nuer needed. Yue Nuer is recovering. . ...

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The poison Gu in the fifty-four square sky bags was finally emptied.

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Could it be...!

Su Ran understood as soon as she heard it.

If the strength is average, You Qu may force him into the Yuyi King's collar; now that he has shown strong strength, You Qu's countermeasures may be slightly different.

"Third brother, why don't you stay and help me?" Bei Gonghen shouted to Bei Gonghan's back.

After a while, the golden text changed.

And not long after, Gu Immortals broke into other ground areas one after another.

Su Ran was quite surprised by Huang Xu's trick.

Su Ran sneered and said, "Second Prince seems to be nothing more than that, tonight, you are going to lose."

Any force in the Central Territory has taken the initiative or was forced to get involved in the civil war.

If a Gu Immortal fuses with a captured Immortal Gu rashly, not only will it be difficult to fuse, it will even be backlashed to death by the Immortal Gu. .

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"Don't worry, Eldest Elder, it's okay to watch Elder Elder. If I try my best, Elder Elder will not be my opponent." Su Ran promised. .

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