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【credit union that do usda loans 】 "Let's end it." The Giant Spirit God suddenly roared, and raised two hammers high, and bumped them against each other. 。

After finishing speaking, the giant spirit god took back the painting and stood between the sky and the earth with his head held high, overlooking the entire continent like a giant supporting the sky.

Seeing this scene, Niutou smiled and said, "It's Wei Guowu who got up. I heard that Wu Qi's brother-in-law was stripped naked by Jiang Li and hung on the wall, and finally committed suicide in shame. Mie Jiangli is coming, hahaha... this is a friendly army!"

Wen Zhong said with a smile: "Don't talk big, if you have the ability to break my battle!"

Therefore, the rich Song Dynasty could not save the human race, the prosperous Tang Dynasty could not save the human race, and the strong man could not save the human race, only Gang Ming could! "

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"You emperor, you still go home to feed the chicken? How precious is your chicken?" King Zhao Wuling shouted.
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But the power of this huge wave is too great, and it cannot be stopped by a giant of earth and stone alone.
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At this moment, a voice came from a distance: "The fox family has never had a surname of Su since ancient times. But when Blue Star came, Su took up a surname."
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Then I heard Jiang Li shout: "I, Cao, Lao Chu, you are quite trendy!"
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The Rebellion of Three is the name given by the gods.
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You know, there are so many geniuses in the Zhang family, and even today, no one has mastered this supernatural power.
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There is even more silence on the Internet...
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I saw that there was still a continent in the void outside!
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