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This poem is too gorgeous, so gorgeous that people feel like they are wandering in a dream after listening to it, so where is the dynasty in the world, it is clearly a scene only in the Heavenly Palace! Everyone was fascinated for a while... ... payday loans with no faxing or credit check

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But people immediately realized that the Yin God seemed to be winning this battle. The two masters of mankind were completely suppressed! .

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This is not the scariest thing, the scariest thing is that the little girl was upset when she saw that the sword didn't split the crow, and she screamed at the bone ghost car, and the ghost fire in the bone ghost car's head spread its wings , popped out his legs, and stomped on the crow's back! ...

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Jiang Li ignored him and continued to ask, "Do you want it?"

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Cheng Shu shook his head and said, "I thought that I could be considered a person if I got the inheritance of the Immortal Doctor. It turns out...hey...and you, you are getting stronger and stronger now."

The crow pointed to the east and said: "To the east, there is an archipelago. There are many countries on it, and it is said that there are sixty-six countries. These countries are headed by sects, and each sect is a country. This Fusang Luoyumen is one of the small countries. .But over there, they're a big country."

Without further ado, Luo Xuan blew himself up.

It was a young man riding a green bull. The young man was holding a wooden sword, and he slashed at the opponent's hands in the air.

So the emperors of the two countries roared...

Under this roar, all the Yin soldiers in sight screamed, and the sound of their heads exploding could be heard endlessly...

Jiang Li let out a cry, stepped on Chi Lian slightly, and Chi Lian let out a scream.

This is too direct, he doesn't know how to refuse so directly.

"" People were horrified!

Friday completely blew up. After kicking, he ran away. .

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As a result, it seems that Hei Lian has not only opened a window, but opened a new world. .

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