structuring a loan to a family membber for business
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【low interest personal loan bank in india 】 He raised his head, under the bright light of the apartment, Shen Yao found that there were many wounds on Guan Shu's arm. Big and small, with scratches and bruises, it doesn't look scary at all. 。

After finishing speaking, Toyotomi Maaya glanced at Chu Shaoyan in the distance, and said to Chen Zhiyuan: "Mayor Chen, tomorrow I will personally take people to visit the representatives of major companies in Harbor City, and now I want to leave with my friends. You don't have to worry about the itinerary."

Shen Yao heard his helpless sobs and heavy gasps in his ears, and he heard Guan Shu's gloomy voice:

"Okay, Brother Chu!" Tang Hu nodded heavily, and secretly made a decision in his heart. If he couldn't find out the whereabouts of the dealer's father, he would never join the club.

Fortunately, the three traffic accidents were not serious and were just rear-end collisions, which prevented the police from following Chu Shaoyan to Yejia Manor. But these are not things that Chu Shaoyan cares about. Now he only cares about whether Ah Bao can survive.

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Dai Xinghui seemed to have been splashed with cold water head-on, and fell back in a daze, before falling to the ground again.
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So Chu Shaoyan turned the screen back again and watched the croupier's shuffling action again. In order to be able to see the croupier's movement of shuffling the cards clearly, Chu Shaoyan specially asked Tang Hu to slow down the movement.
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Xu Yibai has never kissed before, and he doesn't even know what to do. All he knew was that Shen Yao's lips were soft and his eyelashes were long, more because the kiss was too short to continue savoring.
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In the bedroom, only the wall lamp was on, and the light and shadow overlapped vaguely.
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The towel covered his head, but for a moment it looked like a bridal hijab.
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"President Chu, where are you going?" In the car, Liu Dayong asked curiously. It seems that at this time, he also wants to know how Chu Shaoyan can solve this problem.
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It seems that everyone did not expect Chu Shaoyan to do this, and they were stunned for a moment. After they reacted, they stood up quickly one by one, only to hear Xu Dahui say: "Brother Chu, if we want to say thank you, we should also thank you .It was you who avenged the dead brother, and you who caught the traitor Chen Wei, the cancer in the gang!"
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"Chu Shaoyan, don't teach me a lesson!" Ye Jinlong suddenly shouted: "I, Ye Jinlong, followed Ye Tianhe's ass since I was a child, and tried my best to learn everything in order to satisfy him. But in the end, he turned the president of the Sanlian The position is passed to you, an outsider! Why? Why should you, an outsider from the mainland, be the president of our Baodao Sanlian Association?! Why did he ask me to make so much effort for the Sanlian, and then put me all together? Kicked away? Why did he ruin my future? Ye Tianhe...he is so worthless to die!"
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