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He went to the Black Pond again and helped Yuenuer pinch the Thousand Demons Mask and Thousand Demons Robe. .

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After half an hour, Su Ran returned to full state. ...

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"Please tell me!" Su Ran said seriously, pretending, I still need it.

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At least after becoming a fairy, Su Ran was invincible all the way and never lost a single defeat.

Dao Zhen Shengxian made a move!

If Su Ran's domain power can help his father advance to a semi-detached person, it would be a blessing for the Immortal Dynasty!

Once successful, the power of Su Ling will become huge.

Su Ran first asked about Concubine Xi, the mother of King Yuyi. If Concubine Xi had a connection with Xi Yourong, then he might also have a connection with King Yuyi.

Just now Su Ran used the Jiuyue Extreme Domain to fix You Qu, and the consumption of the domain power was less than 5%.

Nine delicate flowers are not far from Su Ran.

Will the growth of Emperor Origin Gu domain power be affected by the law of explosive growth?

August Fairy...

Su Ran doesn't believe in the Seventh Prince, not at all. The two parties only met once, and the other party didn't even try to win him over. Most likely, he was using him. .

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"Go, take you to a place." .

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