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Guo Xun pushed open the door of the van with a few instant noodles and sat in.

"Since the dean said so, I want to meet this person."

"You two, send him to the infirmary, and the others continue training!"

"Boss, it's almost New Year's Eve. Everyone wants to have a good year. Let's do this, 20% off. If we want to buy something in the future, we'll go to the boss. How about buying this?"

The bullets in the rifle are blank, and will not cause damage except at close range.

Recently, his life has been very busy, and his spirit is highly concentrated. It was not until yesterday that he had a good relaxation. Some people say that the more power you have, the busier you will be. This is probably the reason why many articles often describe those big men who are always busy.

Soon, the special operations brigade detachment caught up with the reconnaissance company, and after catching up, they exchanged fire without saying a word.

According to the breathing method Song Ga said, Wang Sanpang tried it.

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