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Chen Ya took it for granted, "Yes, I'm 21 this year, and you look much younger than me." ... what is the equity if you sell your house for mortgage

test. using heloc to pay mortgage Jiang Li nodded, then looked at the handsome tall man and said, "What's your name?" ….

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Seeing that he was being ignored, Qin Huangquan's face turned black. Of course, he didn't come to talk to Jiang Li to show off, but because he lost at the hands of a junior, he always felt too shameful. So I wanted to hear Jiang Li say a few polite words and give him a step down, but this guy ignored him! .

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Jiang Li and Cheng Shu were stunned. ...

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Wu Yangqing didn't understand Jiang Li's meaning at first, but after seeing Jiang Li's smirk, he suddenly understood what was going on, spat with a pretty face, and cursed: "Rogue!"

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When Jiang Li heard this, he frowned. This is indeed a problem. In such a huge community, he can do whatever he wants. But if a group of people come in, it's really troublesome...

"What do you mean?" Jiang Li still didn't understand.

Jiang Li said: "Isn't this the end? Your strength and status have not changed, what are you so happy about?"

After speaking, the big dog raised his legs, twisted his waist and ran in another direction, muttering as he ran: "My lord does not remember the mistakes of villains, don't let me meet you next time..."

Jiang Li said: "Look at you, you are fat, you must lack exercise, so your resistance is low, and you will catch a cold when the wind blows. Come on, I will go to PE class with me later, and I will train you for a few days, so that you will be alive and well."

Cheng Shu shook his head, not believing it at all.

At this moment, a flying demon rushed in and shouted: "It's not good! Something terrible appeared in the sky!"

Jiang Li suddenly turned around and asked, "Cheng Shu, how much is your plane?"

Cheng Shu nodded and said: "That's right, Wu Yangqing put your ability and appearance in ancient times, said you are an angel, and I guarantee that no one will doubt it."

Then Jiang Li threw it on the ground! .

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After the fat man saw it, he suddenly thought of something, and shouted in horror: "You are..." .

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