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【business loan letter of intent 】 Seeing Guo Xun like this, Zhang Chao felt his heart pounding. 。

Li Yanan heard Wang Sanpang's words very clearly. After hearing these words, a charming smile appeared on Li Yanan's face.

A recruit had asked Zhao Jun before when he would learn military boxing. Zhao Jun didn't answer, but said that he would learn it when it was time to learn it, and now it is finally time to learn it.

Although Wang Sanpang didn't know what it was, he still ran to the door of Sheng Hui's office.

Wang Sanpang and other comrades hugged one by one, looked at Song Ga who hadn't looked back, gritted his teeth, walked out of the cooking class with his luggage, and walked directly to the gate of the reconnaissance company's camp.

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Sheng Hui nodded when he heard Wang Sanpang's words.
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After Sheng Hui and the others left, Li Yanan walked in again.
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It is a pity that Wang Sanpang is not in front of him, and the Queen Mother cannot torture Wang Sanpang to extract a confession.
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Sure enough, according to what Zhao Jun said, Wang Sanpang looked at the target instead of the sight.
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In an army-to-army duel, it is the commander's dereliction of duty to pin his hopes on a soldier.
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Wang Sanpang heard the sound of falling from behind, and his pace gradually slowed down.
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After Chang Lian'an was fully dressed, he looked at Wang Sanpang and Zhao Jun with a frown and asked.
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