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【how do i treat a loan and a loan payoff for small business taxes 】 Zidie let out a snort from the pain, grabbed him, and then started to fight back, kissing the rock man for a while. 。

At this moment, the girl's soul seemed to be out of her body, and she couldn't even care about the pain of her left arm being hooped by the other party; in her heart, this was the first time she was so close to a man, and at this moment she gave her first kiss and love. First love; even in the Amanda era she had forgotten, the behemoth had only held hands with her even at the cost of her life; as for the depths of her heart, she had always been well preserved, except for being distorted by hatred.

Dugu Ba didn't come? Chu Shaoyan frowned slightly, so he quickly passed the news to Ling Haoxuan in Jiangcheng, where he would command Hiller, Wu Tianhao, Jin Shangbang, Giant Axe Gang and others to cooperate with the police in conducting a comprehensive investigation of Honglianhui and its peripheral forces. A complete attack in all directions, ready to uproot the overlord of the evil forces in Jiangcheng.

After dealing with the traitors of the Butterfly Gang, he then prepared to deal with Hao Shengwen: Hao Shengwen is a vicious and cunning guy. From the fact that he has been holding back until now, and then broke out, it can be seen that this guy's forbearance is very powerful; this is an old fox. Before that, Chu Shaoyan underestimated his ability, and former comrade Wu Tianhao underestimated his cousin's viciousness.

Chu Shaoyan suddenly said lightly: "Some unfriendly friends may attack us later on the road, I will guarantee your safety. However, I hope you will not be frightened and run around."

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After Chu Shaoyan saw everyone getting off the car in an orderly manner with their luggage, he smiled and said to Ye Ruoxi, "Girl Pianzi, am I here to recharge my batteries and protect you?"
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"I'm sorry, I'm really doing it for you, and I'm being scolded by you!" Hua Zidie suddenly leaned over, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the face, then smiled.
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She pointed at Kamei Kyoko who was still soaking by the pool, but Toyotomi Maaya quickly waved her hand and firmly denied: "No no! Chu Jun has nothing to do with her. The son-in-law of my Toyotomi family doesn't matter to any woman." of!"
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Half an hour later, after the operation was completed, the medicine was wrapped; because there was no anesthetic during the whole process, Xu Cen was in terribly painful pain. But every day when he was in a coma, Da Xia resorted to acupuncture and moxibustion stimulation to wake him up. This kind of torture can be said to be like coming to hell suddenly for the son who has been pampered since childhood.
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Chu Shaoyan frowned and said: "The most important thing now is that we must obtain the core information about the underground drug auction conference, such as the specific time, place, participants, security measures, etc. As long as we destroy this underground auction conference, Hong Lian The plans of the society and the Dugu family will be broken by themselves. Then the Guanghua Group will also go bankrupt completely, and the capital chain of the Honglian Society will be broken from then on. If the capital chain of a local snake society is completely broken, everyone should know what the consequences will be. "
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Elder Jiang smiled coldly and said, "We have to ask our Brother Chu!" While speaking, Elder Jiang cast his gaze on Chu Shaoyan.
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Ye Jinlin was bringing tea, and she couldn't help pouted her mouth and said angrily: "Dad, you also imagined Chu Shaoyan too much, right? The police have found out that Jiang Zhihua has been taking drugs for more than 3 years. Could it be that 3 years? Can the former Chu Shaoyan force Jiang Zhihua to take drugs? Could it be that Chu Shaoyan was holding his arm when he slashed people?"
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However, Amanda is also an extremely intelligent woman, and suddenly felt something was wrong, so she pushed the gun against Zidie's chest again and said, "Get out of the way!"
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