small loan of a million dollars truth
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【loan servicing soft for small lenders 】 Shu Lihong laughed in a low voice: "The Lin family is good, the pork is good; the Lin family is down, but the pork is gone. People in our provincial city have a lot of opinions on Lin Yidao! Real estate, but the Lin family is very good at speculating on housing prices, most of Ningcheng's housing prices are caused by them. My husband's teeth itch when he mentions Ningcheng's Longquan Gang, Yongtai, and Quanbei! Haha." 。

Staring blankly at Yudi, Song Yingjie slowly asked, "Chu Shaoyan, what position are you going to arrange for me?"

"Have you seen it?" Chu Shaoyan suddenly asked.

Under the forceful expulsion of the police, the hundreds of people who appeared to be composed of local hooligans were driven away, and a dozen of them were arrested. Although these guys were arrested, they didn't care. They were handcuffed and smiling, and they looked like they were wearing military medals.

Zi Die was also a martial arts practitioner in the Butterfly Gang before, and this sudden wrench hit him quite hard. Although Shi Danda was rough-skinned and thick-skinned, his eyes were splattered with gold stars.

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The girl was startled, and said in surprise, "Then... what should I think?"
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"Sister Yan, you... really don't care about our family Shaoyan?" Shangguan Zetian continued to ask, reaching out to stroke Nangong Chengyu's hair: "I am not a small-minded woman, Cheng Yu you Say?"
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However, when the four lips were about to meet, the rock man's face twisted slightly, and the other's fiery red lips fell on his face, but he said coldly: "Nuo Xue, it's getting late, you should go to bed .”
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Of course, Shi Danda, a master on the South American road, is not weak either. After paying the price of the deaths of several of his subordinates, the high-speed bullets ejected from his heavy-duty sniper rifle obliquely penetrated the wide open hatch and hit the instrument panel of the helicopter. superior!
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Yan Shuya's eyes suddenly averted, and she murmured a few times and said in a low voice: "Because... well, you are very special, and you are different from anyone I have ever met before. My classmates in the past were not nice to me. They all call me the little murderer, only you..." At this time, the girl's eyes suddenly sparkled, and she was about to cry.
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At this moment, he tightly shut his mouth, and his internal breath was fully activated. If someone was watching at the moment, there would even be a faint white light around his body!
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All kinds of incidents are entangled in everyone's minds like a mystery, so Chu Shaoyan is not in a hurry to act, but is going to contact the local gang Shaocheng Gang. After obtaining certain information, it will not be too late to analyze the truth of the matter before acting. Previously, Chu Shaoyan had asked Nangong Chengyu to contact her cousin, Wu Hao, the executive deputy mayor of the provincial capital, and through him to contact the high-level police on the ground in Jiangdong, he ensured the safety of Guan Fengyi, the general manager of Nuodun.
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It seems that the only thing to rely on right now is the buoyancy of the water, but there is a drop of five meters from the flat ground to the sea level, and it is almost impossible to transport the iron canister up; however, if you want to fix it on the shore Nearby, but it is not impossible.
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