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【unsecured loan low interest 】 Jin Shangbang nodded and said with a proud smile, "Master Chu, I am Director Jin of the General Staff in the provincial capital!" 。

Then Zidie jumped off the swing, came over and hugged Chu Shaoyan's back: "You are a good person in general, upright, handsome, very capable, smart and able to deceive people, and you have a good smell, except for the woman who is too popular Other than good, it seems that there are no shortcomings, and it should be a good object to be a father..."

Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly: "Who knew you would make such a loud voice..."

The Shangguan Manor was attacked on a huge scale. Under the silence of both sides and the suppression of the government, it finally disappeared without a trace.

Only then did Cheng Junzhi forcefully ask: "By the way, Dugu Dong, is the recent municipal movement in Jiangbei related to Chu Shaoyan? I heard that Ji Zhonghao, the former deputy mayor of Sucheng, once sealed Huading A factory invested by the group locally!"

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Moreover, this man is very concerned about himself, and he can feel all this from his pair of pitch-black eyes. This is what moved her the most, and it was precisely because of this that she let go of her heart and regained her lively and cheerful nature.
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Hu Zhidong stood at attention and saluted: "Please don't worry, the chief. We will hold a special meeting tonight and solve the problem thoroughly tomorrow. If the chief next time hears that Liu County is not doing well in supporting the army and loving the army, I, Hu Zhidong, will resign immediately!"
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An Linshan was hit by a wound in his heart, he was hit, he smiled wryly and drank it down.
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It turned out that at this time Mi Qiao saw that he was full of obscenities, so he picked up a piece of sawdust on the ground and threw it hard, hitting him in the face. He was so angry that the green turtle jumped into a rage, and urged the others to do it quickly.
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Facing the so-called high-ranking officials, Lan Tao had a murderous aura that made them terrified. That is the temperament cultivated after disposing of countless officials, a temperament that is unrestrained and arrogant among officials!
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Soon, these guys knelt down one by one, raised their hands, closed their eyes tightly, and burst into tears. Guns, machetes, shotguns, and crossbows were thrown far away and spread all over the ground.
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"Are you a man who keeps his word?" Zi Die stared at him and asked, "Can you promise a thousand gold?"
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A full five minutes later, with a tired expression, he still closed his eyes and asked, "How deeply are you involved in Jiangbei's affairs?"
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