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"What do you want? Don't die?" ... student loan in australia for international students

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"He's not kidding. He clearly looks down on me. He hasn't been able to take a fancy to me for a day since I joined the master's school. I'm a little less qualified than him, and I'm not as smart as him, but he won't be in front of me. In front of so many people scolding me for being stupid like a pig, let me stay where I am when I am cool!" .

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"You are really eager to love your apprentice!" ...

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"Ah Nian, take my sister out of here, okay?"

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Erbao's eyes suddenly brightened, and he was attracted by the strings of red, round, shiny and attractive things on the street.

"Yeah, that's great, thank you Master, I love you!"

While Chu Shaoyan was looking around at the snacks, he suddenly found that the second daughter was no longer behind him. The long-term vigilance of the previous period made Chu Shaoyan's vigilance return to the previous state, and he quickly turned his head to look for it. The figures of two women.

"Do you have a way to detoxify?"

"Whatever you want to eat in the future, my sister will make it for you at any time."

Su Nian hummed, smiled and said thank you.

Su Nian was really astonished to the point of violent wind and tsunami. This woman who is usually aggressive and bold, only has money in her eyes, and says that men are rubbish, is particularly rebellious today.

She gave Su Nian a supercilious look, and Mudan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She didn't want to lie to Su Nian, but Su Nian's injuries were too serious, and if he didn't take good care of them, he might cause serious problems.

Handing over the moderately warm soup, Jiang Hexuan said: "Master is worried about Senior Brother Su's health, so he ordered me and my junior sister to come and visit."

How could it be possible, he just wanted to teach the person in front of him a lesson, how could he die? .

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Since he cherished this thing so much, why did he drive himself away so heartlessly. .

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