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"Yes, Jueyang is a matrilineal society, with women in power, women are inherently superior. This is one of the reasons why these Yiyang slaves respect me. After all, I will still have the opportunity to inherit my mother's lordship in the future. ... how many post credit scene in thor love and thunder

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Other princes rushed back to the city, but they were all captured immediately. .

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And it will become stronger and stronger! ...

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"Yes, Suhou belongs to the seventh brother. If he doesn't want to come to the imperial city, he must have a different heart!"

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If Bei Gonghen died, wouldn't this first son belong to him!

As for the priests of Beigong Chu, seeing that the situation of Marquis Qianshan was gone, they just watched with cold eyes.

It's just that it's okay not to show up for a short time, but it's not appropriate to not show up for too long.

"I don't have any extra Gu essence." King Yuyi said unexpectedly.

The current location is more than 500 miles north of Beigong City, he dare not return directly to Beigonghen's Shizi Mansion, if someone enters the room, it will be bad.

He saw Su Ran's method of killing You Qu before, and he was no match for him.

"Brother Su, be careful." Ouyang Qi instructed.

"King Yuyi?" Qu Jinghong was thoughtful, he faintly sensed that Moxin Sect seemed to have a big conspiracy against King Yuyi.

"About the secret method, I want a copy of the third-rank water-type combined Gu secret method, and the fourth-rank mountain-type combined Gu secret method." Su Ran said again.

Qu Jinghong's sword energy was rampant, and he pursued him relentlessly, the injuries on his Rank 4 Gu Immortal kept getting worse. .

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A man greeted Caimei Shangxian in person. The man was Yu Fei, the son of King Yu Yi and the current patriarch of King Yu Yi's family. .

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