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Chu Shaoyan replied: "Yes, you are..." ... how to get a loan for land and mobile home

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Jin Shangbang nodded, grabbed Long Junyu's hair and pulled it violently! .

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What a big tone, what an arrogant woman! Wen Zhengming was angry, and waved his hand: "Take it away, take it away immediately!" ...

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Chu Shaoyan glanced at her with a wry smile and said, "Luo Yun, why are you doing this?"

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"Yes, I'm jealous!" Shangguan Zetian said coquettishly, and even raised his big hand, pretending to bite, "She doesn't talk to anyone, why do you care about whether you are tired? Hmph, Shaoyan , you female magnet, it seems that I will lock you up at home in the future and prevent you from seeing beauties!"

Finally, the sharp spasm gradually disappeared, the feeling of collapse gradually calmed down, and Li Rongrong's mood gradually stabilized, but she was unwilling to leave his sudden kiss at this moment!

"It's you?" Luo Mingdong's eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold air flashed by.

At this time, a few patrolmen came over and were slightly taken aback when they saw Ye Jinlin's police badge. Ye Jinlin took out her work card and said coldly, "I am Ye Jinlin from Jiangcheng Criminal Investigation Corps, please cooperate with my work!"

Luo Mingdong nodded, but then sighed: "I have this idea, but how difficult it is to transfer industries, not to mention that Jiangcheng's real estate economy is almost saturated, and it is not easy to squeeze in! That's why I and Huading Teamwork is the only way to tolerate you brat showing off your power in front of me, otherwise I can wipe out your entire army with a single phone call!"

Since joining the magic lair of 'Royal No. 2', Hao Zhen has fallen into too deep, and there is no possibility of getting out. But Wei Tao is different, he is a well-known Qingliu in the Tong family, he has little contact with the Dugu family, and has no major financial problems.

"What nonsense are you talking about, you're a rascal!" Ye Jinlin thumped him with a chuckle.

"Whose fault is that?" Guan Nuoxue said angrily.

Seeing his cousin Guan Nuoxue nod her head while suppressing a smile, the fat man had no choice but to go up to Shangguan Zetian and cup his hands and said, "I have to come to beg you! I have been working hard to protect your safety. No credit but hard work, right?"

"Who is your boss? I want him to come and go!" At this moment, a voice sneered, and then the trendy girl appeared in their field of vision, staring at the two of them and said: "Aren't you very arrogant? I said fat man , you are good at fighting, right? Why don’t you resist? If you resist arrest, wouldn’t it be more interesting to be shot?” .

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Because the five hospital suspects were robbed, the criminal investigation team was severely criticized by the superiors, and even the provincial party committee, the provincial government, and the provincial discipline inspection commission all called to intervene. .

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