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"Not yet." Zhao Feifei nodded, and added: "Well... I don't think there should be any. After using it, the pain will disappear quickly." ... how long can you default on mortgage

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This girl has short ear-length hair, bright eyes, and although her skin is not particularly white, she looks very healthy, and her figure can be seen to be very well-proportioned at a glance. She wears a white shirt with denim shorts and pink sneakers, full of vitality . ...

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Zhao Feifei was a little puzzled: "Why?"

Qian Shan followed Cheng Fighter to the side of the car, helped him put the potion in the trunk of the car, and Cheng Fighter greeted, "Get in the car."

"No, today I want to try the feeling of not wearing protective gear." Qian Shan jumped onto the ring carelessly, and put on the boxing gloves on the side.

Qian Shan smiled and said, "It's still early, it's only been an hour."

Zhao Feifei burst out laughing.

Qian Shan rolled his eyes and continued to reply: The wound on my body was cured by this medicine, but it was prepared by myself, and I have never given it to anyone else. If you want it, I will get you some when I get home. try. .

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