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【small business loan banks info 】 "Uh..." Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly and shook his head, "I'm sorry, I'm not your bureau chief, so I don't have the right to promote you. Well, Huali Group just needs a security captain. If so, let me introduce you, you should be sure to apply for the security captain, right?" 。

"Why did you hide here?" Chu Shaoyan asked softly, stroking her vest to calm her down.

Chu Shaoyan told the story that Zhao Yanni herself had a sweet-faced lover again, and that the child in her womb might not be Nangong Mingdao of Huali Group.

"Yes!" A major officer who was directing his subordinates to rescue immediately stood at attention and saluted. Then he saw Chu Shaoyan jumping up, his eyes lit up, and he shouted: "Captain, it's you!"

After all, Ye Changning was a bureau-level cadre, and even Xu Yuanpei and Liu Bei wanted to show him some face, so Xu and Liu hurriedly made polite remarks.

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After going there, I found that Shangguan Zetian's room was not closed, but the room was dark. The little witch pushed behind him, and the rock man walked involuntarily.
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However, under Chu Shaoyan's command, An Linshan and other eight people formed a triangular formation, and Chu Shaoyan was in the center to protect and support them, and quickly pushed everyone away, and soon entered the demolition headquarters that was heavily surrounded.
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Xu Feng nodded and said: "Yes, Deputy Director Ren... he... no, Ren Simao has always asked his secretary to send anonymous emails to us, asking us to do things.
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The rock man said lightly: "If nothing else happens, maybe we will get married this year."
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"I'm going to divorce that flat-haired bastard Jiang Siming, and I'm going to have a hard time!"
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Chu Shaoyan tested the firmness of the ice and snow, nodded with satisfaction, then held the sword in both hands, and abruptly drew an extremely standard square on the ground, with a side length of 1 meter. Even if you use a ruler to measure it, the error will never exceed Five centimeters—As a superb warrior, the precision of his gaze and the stability of his wrist are unimaginable to ordinary people.
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An important member of the Provincial Party Committee called Tong Zhengbei, Deputy Secretary of Jiangcheng City Party Committee an hour ago, and reprimanded him...
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Lin Haifeng, one of the leaders of the rescue team, found Chu Shaoyan: "Captain, we must find the diesel and the generator immediately, otherwise the flashlight will be out of power soon!"
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