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As soon as the news came out, the younger generation of Taixuan Sword Sect were immediately excited about it. .

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An Ran frowned slightly, glared at Ling Zhuo Hai, and said lightly: "Please don't disturb us, fellow Taoist."

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"I just don't know if our Majesty is a worthy follower..."

"It told me that it is actually a fairy artifact."

This is no longer the chaotic world where all the heroes came together.

"Sure enough, the spirit-watching mirror is malfunctioning. The dragon shadow I saw just now is probably just my eyesight..."

Yuandan is so small and Yuanshen is so weak, so it is understandable.

Taoist Fei Ling: "?"

He crashed through the wall of the City Lord's Mansion for the second time and fell to an unknown place.

If he is like this, what about other Qi training environments?

For the idea of Lingjieyu, An Ran naturally had a million supporters. .

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"So this is Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation?" .

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