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On the way home, Su Ran said worriedly. ... how much can i get on a loan

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Ever since the incident of Dou Zhuan Confucianism's inheritance happened, Mr. Xi disappeared. It was announced that the steward of the Gu storehouse had changed to a new person. Su Ran thought that Mr. Xi had gone to Chushan City to investigate Douzhuanpan, but in Chushan City he did not. Seeing Mr. Xi, he didn't expect to come to Xiling City. .

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Su Ran's bet is very tempting. ...

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Yayoi Gate?

Su Ran saw Ziyi at a gathering place for playing piano girls on the city wall ten miles away.

The gate of chess has been broken, only the four gates of qin, calligraphy, painting and snails remain.

The two of them also fell from the sky immediately, with weird expressions on their faces, and they were tense, and then they rushed for thousands of miles, pouring urine and feces together.

Kong Lao: "Take a good rest today, and start the action tomorrow."

"Understood." Su Ran nodded.

Su Ran even guessed that most of the chances of the inheritance land fall on these Gu beasts, and the light door, which may be similar to an easter egg, is the core opportunity of the inheritance land.

There are no other changes, just use the two fourth-grade Gu gathered by the Eight Great Families to improve it a little.


This kid! .

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After finishing speaking, Wang Xiaoge left alone with a sullen face. .

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