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【bad credit car loans good for private sellers 】 The strength of weak water is less than one point zero. 。

The lid of the box opened, and a Jade Muscle Water Gu flew out and penetrated into King Yuyi's body.

Su Ran was slightly displeased, and was about to ask, but Ouyang Qi repelled the two envoys.

At this time, a very charming female voice came from nowhere.

Su Ran thought that there would be a brand new Gu name, but she didn't expect that it would just change from February to March.

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All the offerings were dispatched.
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Living Soil Gu, five of which are taught by Moxin, and the location of the remaining four is unknown. If it appears, it will be turned into a ground slurry area.
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The eldest son suddenly said: "I understand, the land area my father assigned me to guard, the probability of producing Gu essence is also extremely high!"
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"If Shizi Hen can return home alive, the first heir is still his. Lord Hou will send you to the imperial city. After Shizi Hen dies, you will be the next Marquis of Beigong."
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A figure in a red robe walked out slowly.
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"What about Su Ran, didn't he block Qu Jinghong once before, why didn't he block this time?" a man in armor asked.
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