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【how long does credit inquiry stay on report 】 "Stinky bastard, why did you harm me?" The young woman sobbed and covered her pretty face, her delicate shoulders shrugged slightly, "But children are innocent, I must give birth to my child and raise it well..." 。

While comforting the two daughters, Chu Shaoyan organized the Golden Dragon Gang, the Hero Society and other forces to fight back; and in this counterattack, Zidie took command without hesitation, and she even organized the Honker Alliance to deal with the malicious spread of these things. Information guys hack their computers with Trojans and viruses, find out their exact IP, and completely destroy all their data.

"Ah—" Ye Huabin screamed and threw the exploded pistol away. The heart-piercing pain made him jump wildly with his face in his hands, howling endlessly.

Chu Shaoyan ate a slice, and it tasted really good. However, when swallowing this fish fillet, she accidentally swallowed the girl's fingertips, and the girl suddenly withdrew her hand, blushing pretty face, but her eyes were full of joy and tenderness.

Once he made up his mind, Chu Shaoyan started to work, dismantling the leather boots into eight pieces.

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Her heart was making the last resistance, shivering and shivering, but the warm feeling melted the ice piece by bit, revealing her sincerity like a cocoon.
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Yan Shuya rushed over in a hurry, regardless of his wet body, hugged the man's waist and choked up, "You haven't come up for such a long time, I thought something happened, and almost jumped down too!"
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Fatty An held the long needle, nodded and bowed with a mournful face: "Yes, boss, I don't dare to talk nonsense in the future."
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Chu Shaoyan was startled, then realized her mental problem, and thought, "Yan Shuya..."
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"Understood, Zhou Ju!" Jiang raised his eyebrows.
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"Secretary Luo of the Commission for Discipline Inspection lives in the fifth building. Yes, that building has a shed in front of the door. Shaoyan, didn't you say that you don't want to startle the snake? Why can't you wait to arrest that person now?"
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The white-haired old man was overjoyed, and then he smiled with relief: "Dugu Dong, I have always been at ease with you, otherwise how could I open the door and welcome you friends to Ning? Haha!"
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Ling Haoxuan nodded thoughtfully: "Chu Shaoyan is right. This time the enemy is not just the Honglian Association. Since the World Anti-Smoking Alliance dares to hold a meeting in East China, it will naturally be prepared. As far as I know, this anti-smoking The alliance is very powerful, they hold a lot of munitions in their hands, they even got a few of Maozi's retired warships, and there is also a large cruise ship transformed from an old oil tanker..."
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