give 5 examples of people or organizations who can request to see your credit report.
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【how to protect your credit card in your wallet 】 Unfortunately, Hua Youlan, the leader of the Butterfly Gang, suffered from alcohol poisoning due to long-term drinking and depression, so that she was unable to escape, and died together with the enemy during the resistance. Fortunately, the part where she was shot was not critical, and Chu Shaoyan arrived quickly, sending her to the hospital for treatment in time. 。

"If he really goes to the Palace of the Underworld to report, I don't mind letting you go with him!" Chu Shaoyan gave Ye Jinlong a sideways glance, then took off his suit, casually threw it aside, and walked towards the ring wearing only a white shirt go.

Speaking of this, Shi Pinghu paused for a while, and after seeing that Chu Shaoyan had no dissatisfaction, he continued: "I was going to ask Mr. Xu how to deal with this matter at noon. As a result, in the afternoon, the Guam Gang appeared again , Wasted half a day. I called Hall Master Xu before, and he told me that now the Sanlian Association is in the Ryukyu Branch, and Mr. Chu, you are the master. So after I entered the door just now, I directly asked you how to deal with this matter. Now you Your answer will also be related to whether the special relationship between your gang and the government can be maintained smoothly!"

"I don't need benefits, I just want revenge." The woman said coldly.

"Go away, why don't you go with me, Long Guozheng?"

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On June 6, a large foreign cruise ship suddenly docked at Xiyang No. 1 Wharf operated by Xiyang Company. Although it was previously approved by the Department of Communications, international sailing ships temporarily entered the Sansha Port Area of Ningde Port and could enter and leave the waters of Xiapu County. It is the first time that a foreign cruise ship has come here.
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At this time, Jiang Zhengfeng also sneered: "Secretary Wang, in fact, Comrade Dahua is really not worthy of being a party member! In the case of the Tong family before, Zhao Dahua even accepted small bribes from pan-Dukone companies, including sexual favors from women." Bribery! Later, the Commission for Discipline Inspection did not expose this matter because it had little to do with the case. If what Chu said just now is true, I think he has violated the criminal law..."
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In Saha's expectant expression, Chu Shaoyan shook his head and said: "Our Sanlian Association has killed dozens of brothers because of you, and they all died miserably. You must go down and be buried with them. Of course, if you follow my advice Do what you want, I will spare your loved ones, and let them live a good life for the rest of their lives."
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Sensing the beating murderous intent in Ka Suo's eyes, assistant Smith's body trembled, and he quickly gave a military salute and said, "Yes, Commander!"
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"Have you arrived at the airport, Shaoyan?" Ye Tianhe's familiar voice came out after the call was connected.
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Chu Shaoyan felt Ye Ruoxi's body tremble, it seemed that it was caused by seeing two living people being killed by him, but at this time Chu Shaoyan had no time to comfort Ye Ruoxi; After arriving at the manor, Chu Shaoyan had already memorized the road conditions of the manor. There is only one road down the mountain from the manor, if you break out from the gate, you will definitely die!
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Bomb set? ! Hearing these four words, Chu Shaoyan's face changed drastically, and he rushed to Xiaohu's side immediately.
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Suddenly Ah Bao heard the door knock, and then subconsciously turned his head to look at the door, perhaps because the degree of twisting was too great, he couldn't help but frowned, but when he saw that the person who came was Chu Shaoyan Finally, he immediately loosened his brow collar, showed a bright smile, and said in a weak tone: "Brother Chu."
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