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what is affirm loan - how to open a loan .But I understand that half of the current six kings are at odds with Xianchao. If I want to survive, I can only get closer to Xianchao. |.

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Su Ran's original plan was to use the rain-covering needle and the immortal soldiers to fight to consume Yuyi King's domain power, and when Yuyi King used the Crane Wind Gu, because he didn't have much domain power left, he couldn't stop the wind and fire. Lei, you can calmly kill King Yuyi. .

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Su Ran's face turned cold, the invincible poison domain was opened, and Yu Shaqiang came out casually. ...

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Su Ran held the sword with both hands, and the second son held the halberd with one hand, and the two faced each other under the moon.

Ever since he possessed invincible domain power and beheaded Shangxian Ming Hao, the Seventh Prince has been very enthusiastic about him, and this time, he is even more heart-pounding, completely treating him as his confidant.

However, Su Ran discovered that the Jade Muscle Water Gu and the Crescent Body fit perfectly.


If he wins this battle, his position as the first son will be secured.

In this way, it is worthwhile for the main demon to speak in person.

Although Su Ran promised the Seventh Prince that most of the loot would be distributed to the Seventh Prince, but promises and actual actions are two different things.

At least after becoming a fairy, Su Ran was invincible all the way and never lost a single defeat.

"That's right," the Seventh Prince was confused, "Is there something wrong with Father?"

Seeing Su Ran, Bei Gonghen's eyes lit up, Su Ran's expression was nothing at all, it was just a false alarm. .

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This is very good, which means that Su Ran can continue to use the essence of the domain to improve the power of immortality in the future, and the strength of the immortal body can also continue to increase. .

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