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"You still dare to threaten the uncle, it seems that you fucking need this!" The fat man grabbed his neck and brought the lighter close to his body. ... why do credit checks hurt your score

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At this moment, he finally understood why He Qingshan died at Xia Gan's hands! .

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The two of them have absolute self-confidence, thinking that the person who broke into the ninth floor is definitely not Bai Liuyun as everyone guessed, it must be Xia Gan! no doubt! ...

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"This time! You must kneel before me!"

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He didn't dare to be careless in the slightest!

"Very powerful! It is rumored that among the eighteen thieves, even the last eight thieves have reached the seventh level of Tiangang Realm! As for the cultivation bases of the top ten thieves, it is even more terrifying! But fortunately, they almost They seldom come here, and stay in the overseas fairy islands all year round."

"Cheng Ju, it's me, Li Yang! It's like this... Well, you know that Luo Xiaogang has a certain relationship with Chu Shaoyan, so I..."

"Finally left the outer area of Longmen Battlefield and came to the central area. The scenery here is much better."

Originally, he was indeed a little embarrassed to sit down. After all, now that he is a soft-spoken person, it is hard to say that he has the qualifications, but Cheng Lei's mocking of himself and the contempt in his eyes instantly made Xia Gan angry!

But as the guards retreated, he was revealed, and he stood alone at the front!

The body fled away in a hurry.

They are not Xia Gan!

About dawn, all the information was collected on the desk of Chu Shaoyan, the commander behind the scenes. After analyzing and summarizing, Chu Shaoyan called Landie: "Miss Landie, I am Chu Shaoyan. There is a task that needs your cooperation, it's like this..." .

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"It's a good thing they didn't come, otherwise, the four monsters of dragon, tiger, leopard and crane, if anyone came here, it would be enough to dominate the audience, and all the benefits would be monopolized, and the others wouldn't even be able to drink a mouthful of soup!" .

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