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【where are mortgage interest rates today 】 After returning to the manor, Song Yingjie, Yu Zhonghao, and Jin Shangbang had been waiting for a long time, and even the little girl Zidie came to the manor rarely. 。

"Are you going to abandon me again?" Li Rongrong's body trembled slightly in fright, "Now that we have a clue, let's go find the way together!"

Seven or eight of the green-haired tortoise were overjoyed, and rushed towards Shangguan Lingjiao with a whistle!

At about eleven o'clock, the data of five hard disks was sent to everyone. Zhu Qixia and the others' task was to find valuable things from this huge amount of data, and then hand them over to Chu Shaoyan.

Wu Tianhao fell silent, and a heavy animal-like gasp came from the microphone.

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Chu Shaoyan pondered for a moment and said: "Probably not. Ma Rongzhong was not disposed of by the Hong Lianshe because of his daughter, which is beyond my expectation. By the way, do you want me to help?"
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Zi Die nodded vigorously: "The so-called great man is for the country and the people. We are going to eradicate that evil official, and it is also a great thing for the country and the people. Didn't the deputy mayor Wang say it before, the people of Wujiang City Of course you will thank us!"
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Chu Shaoyan never expected the enemy to be so crazy, in order to force him to jump into the trap, he resorted to such an ultimate method! The president of the chamber of commerce in the capital of Jiangdong was killed at home and all ten of his elite bodyguards were killed! What an arrogant method, what an insane arrogance!
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He continued to walk a hundred steps forward, trying to figure out where the danger came from. Near a huge rock crevice, he discovered a spectacle. He saw a stream of spring water dancing, and every time it danced, the earth trembled slightly, sending out an infrasonic roar.
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Su Yimei blushed, and pushed her: "You heartless, I'm so sad, you're still funny!"
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Nangong Chengyu rushed up and hugged Liu Danyan, and hurriedly shouted: "Yes, yes! I... uh, I too... used to blaspheme myself! In foreign countries, it is actually common for girls to blaspheme themselves. Those roommates have treasured some... Anyway, those things!"
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After Ye Jinlin left, Chu Shaoyan called Jin Shangbang and Wu Tianhao respectively to inform them to take action. After putting down the phone, he stretched and suddenly smiled: "Song Yingjie called me yesterday and said that the three-month deadline has come. Let me test the soldiers he trained tomorrow, or should I catch him off guard today?"
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Jin Shangbang was stunned, nodded for a while and said: "Yes, you care about Yaoyao very much!"
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