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At this moment, the men and women of the Goddess Alliance are full of shame and anger, wishing to sneak in through a crack in the ground! .

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While they were talking, they had entered the tea shop to rest and drink tea. ...

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And the Camellia Club is a rare day of leisure. In the past half month, all the disciples visited relatives and friends, made friends in the sect, and even pursued the rare opportunity to join the major alliances!

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At this moment, under the fury of He Qingshan, one punch contained all his strength, and the whole person seemed to be incarnate as a wild bull to attack, invincible!

Xia Gan came to the tenth floor, and in the entire space, there was only one white-haired old man waiting here.

"I am, what's your business?" Xia Gan stepped forward, his eyes flickering, full of domineering arrogance!

"I'm really sorry, no matter how many of you come, the Nine Heavenly Lotus will only become my possession in the end!"

"Withdraw! Withdraw immediately!" Several big bosses shouted hastily. Obviously, such a huge battle has alarmed the residents on both sides of the street. Tonight's mission has completely failed. If they don't leave, once they are caught by the police, even those who want to protect them will not be able to come forward to defend them!

Xia Gan looked at He Chunfeng, and the other party was also looking at him.

Xia Gan's entire body erupted with a bright golden light, and the voice of the Nine Heavens Dragon roared faintly from within his body!


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"Huh? What's going on? These three people are not Luo Feng! Chu Xiaotian! Nian Jun and the other three? They are very strong existences among the inner disciples of Guiyuan Dao Sect. How can they besiege a mere figure at the fourth level of Tiangang Realm today? How can you kill a chicken with a sledgehammer?" .

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