is a license required to be a small buisness loan officer in arkansas
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【very small mortgage loan 】 The intensity of this shock is so great, it is definitely a shocking inheritance! 。

Su Ran was not repelled, but looked at the six Gu controllers strangely.

"Yes, it is indeed an eighth-rank poison Gu," the housekeeper replied, "Sulfur salivary Gu is often accompanied by poisonous water frogs, and three seventh-rank Gu is one eighth-rank Gu."

Patriarch Hua took Su Ran and the six of them to fly together for an hour. After confirming that the Chang Kong family and the Lin family were not chasing after them, they stopped in a forest.

Due to the intrusion of the two families, the elites of the Ten Thousand Gu Building who have not finished their promotion stopped their promotion, and they all went to Kuifangtang, ready to explore...

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Along the channel, we walked diagonally down for 500 meters.
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"Okay, let's go in!" Kong Lao shouted softly at last.
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Feng Baiqing whispered: "The leader is Changkong Han, the second Guzi of Changkong in the previous generation, an eighth-rank Gu master, maybe he wants to find fault with Brother Su, but don't worry, Senior Brother Chu is not inferior to Changkonghan in strength."
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Ten great achievements can be equivalent to two ordinary seventh-rank Gu.
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The casual cultivators expressed their gratitude to Chu Jingxian and Chang Konghan.
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Seeing Su Ran fleeing to the corrosive fog area, Patriarch Heikui's face turned black.
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In the eyes of ordinary people, a ninth-rank Gu master is the highest level of a Gu master.
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Wan Gulou doesn't need to go to the field to explore the internal situation, it can make a lot of money just by selling news of "tolls".
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