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【getting a first time business loan 】 If given the chance, Su Ran will let the Moon Body pass by and experience this mysterious Gu... 。

This is the evaluation that should be given to Lu Xi's footwork. Chen Qi's previous nod and said "yes" was obviously too reserved.

The unsealing of Yuan Yue's avatar has already given him the strength to sweep rank nine Gu Immortals.

Knowing that the other lords would stop him, the Lord of the Moon dared to offer sacrifices because of Su Ran!

As the last Emperor of the Immortal Dynasty, Yu Chen was a semi-detached person, but after entering the Mountain of Immortality, there are many people who are older than him, so he can only act in the tone of the younger generation.

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Lucy's skating talent allows him to have excellent acceleration, and this part of the score can be eaten well.
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The road of semi-transcendence is a dead end, and a lot of sacrifice power that has been painstakingly collected will not be wasted.
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Although he won against the giant, there was no trace of relief on Su Ran's face.
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"What's the benefit to this Marquis by killing you?"
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This big operation failed to catch Su Ran's main body, and many people thought that it would be even more impossible to catch Su Ran's main body in the future. After all, one of the Tianji calculation Gu was also used.
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Thirty years in Hexi and Thirty years in Hedong, the past of being chased and killed by the Demon Heart Sect and the August Fairy is gone forever.
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There should be a huge amount of sacrificial power stored in the Soldiers of Yangyue, the co-lord of Deceitful Yang!
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Xia Houjin: ...
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