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The elevator door on the fifth floor opened, and two men in military uniforms came out of the elevator. ... loan ebay business

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Xie Bing was unable to enter by himself, but his best friend actually entered, and all the ups and downs came to his mind for a while.

"Captain Zhu, I'm going to trouble you this time. It's all thanks to you that the dozen or so students in our college can have a place to practice."

Zhao Jun came over and looked at Wang Sanpang and Wei Yang.

When Zhao Jun yelled the last sentence, Wang Sanpang's ears hurt a little.

Other fears and fears were filtered out by Wang Sanpang.

The other three people in the statement's dormitory, including the statement's own eyes, all became resentful.

After Feng Jun brought Wang Sanpang to the tent, he took two small horses and sat down.

Looking at the price of the watch Li Yanan selected, Wang Sanpang slammed his mouth.

Chen Guoxun thought this was a stupid behavior and an insult to real special forces.

When Li Wei saw Charles mentioned the confrontation, he immediately became vigilant in his heart. It won't take long for them to become opponents in the exercise. .

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"Now I'll give you five minutes to eat, and five minutes later to start queue training, disband!" .

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