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Not only Wu Yangqing, but also Han Ye frowned, obviously she didn't expect the Tuhuang to be so powerful! ... what is fixed mortgage?

test. types of loans when having a mortgage Although I don't know who did it, but no matter what, the big bear was killed, and there is still a natural disaster-level master in Xiangcheng, which is a good thing. ….

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"It has been locked. It is underground in the mountains in the north of Xiaoxiang. According to the satellite thermal imaging scan, there are many heat sources there, but they are hidden too deep, so only a few large-scale or self-radiating heat can be scanned. Very strong demons. Even so, there are more than 20 of them..." a subordinate reported. .

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Wan Yuan lay on the ground and spit out a mouthful of blood, saying, "I...I'm going to die.", ...

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Jiang Li said, "There is one, what's the matter?"

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Gu Xi, Ma Feng, Lian Wenxuan, and Qin Huangquan glanced at each other, and they all saw the joy of life after the catastrophe in each other's eyes, but they were more puzzled.

When Dandelion heard this, the white hairs on his head turned red, obviously he was very upset!

Xiaoling was worried about me and always went with me.


And with her cleverness, she quickly saw many details, and the earth emperor kept a surprised expression! In other words, the painful blow the other party gave him was beyond his expectation!

The giant ape smashed on the black shield, and his fists burst open, but he smiled in an incomparably ferocious and crazy way. At the same time, he closed his fists together and smashed down on the shield!

The nine of them, if they are full of punches, they are enough for Jiang Li to punch three times.

Finally, Hei Lian couldn't take it anymore, and cursed in Jiang Li's heart: "It's too much! Jiang Li, if you don't feed me again, I'll overturn the table!"

This time, the Tuhuang didn't allow Jiang Li to attack. Han Ye finally saw that the Tuhuang took the initiative to defend, waving his left arm to block Jiang Li's left arm!

And why did my old man go? .

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So Jiang Li picked up his mobile phone and called Cheng Shu: "Little Sapling, that... how much is it for killing the Emperor?" .

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