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"Go, go to the ancestral land?" ... mortgage for 400k

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The tribe where Shichen lives, this land is the Wilderness of Liwang, a part of the land of Great Xia, and their tribe is called Jiawei, which follows the name of the West Wind, because they claim their ancestors are the West Sea Fengshen Shiyi, Si The length of day and night. .

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Gaoshi Mountain only exists in memory, but Yanzai himself has never been there. ...

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"Lingyou! Chiyou! These people, these people, these eighty-one guys are invulnerable, only Chiyou, the Chiyou tribe has returned! It is Chiyou who died and came back to life!"

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"Everyone lives well and can move forward to happier years. Isn't this the real law of heaven in the world!"

Hibiscus flowers are also edible, but it is winter now, and this thing will not bloom until July and August. It is recommended to add an egg and fry it to eat.

Can Mamazai fly? Ma Mazai doesn't seem to be able to fly.

"What, dare to hit my subordinates, I will help right away!"

"This is the place where King Fuxi once ruled the world, and it is also the burial place of Feng Hou! The water flow is fast, and the big river, Wei River, Luo River, and the three rivers converge in one place, so..."

However, Di Fangxun suddenly said that he was going to fight eastward with his illness!

You are colorblind!

You have been in exile for a year, and you dare to write fantasy with your brain here.

Is this the world of great governance?

To this day, Yu Zai still doesn't know that Teacher Qiao is a pseudonym, or rather, she just feels that the name Qiao Song is not real, but she doesn't care about the specific teacher. .

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From today onwards, please call the lamb "Van Zao". .

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