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【how to get student loan defferment 】 Zhang Haohai didn't open his mouth when he heard Ye Tianhe's words. At this moment, his mood was very complicated! Ye Tianhe's "A Hai" undoubtedly brought back memories of his past. Once upon a time, Ye Tianhe also kindly called him A Hai at different times, which was President Ye's exclusive title for him; now things are still things, people are not people, Ye Tianhe is the leader of the southern underground society, and he is To fall from the high position of vice president of the Sanlian. 。

"Lofidick, my respected friend." Chu Shaoyan tidied up his words and said slowly: "I found a talent, she has extraordinary talent in the financial field, I hope you can accept her as an apprentice, take care of her." taught her financial knowledge and made her a top trader."

Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly: "Minister Zhao is lustful and immoral."

Fortunately, Chu Shaoyan had extremely rich experience in first aid. After hundreds of presses and more than a dozen exhalations, Zidie's heart finally started beating, coughing, and breathing.

Could it be the old Shidanda? Chu Shaoyan narrowed his eyes slightly, and stepped back quickly. With one against three, he has no way to win in a narrow space. As for the old thief Dugu, it doesn't matter if he doesn't take his life for the time being.

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"Chen Wei, put down the gun!" At this moment, Xu Dahui suddenly took out a gun from his arms and pointed it at Chen Wei.
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Then he looked at his watch and said: "It's eight o'clock in the evening, and we will arrive at the scheduled location in one and a half hours, and we will launch an attack on the enemy at twelve o'clock in the evening. Well, now everyone is resting and resting. Spirit, strive for success with one blow, and capture the cruise ship without alarming the enemies on the shore!"
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Beside Xiaohu, the dead blond man had a knife mark on his arm, and a bomb was set in the mark. This is a very advanced bomb setup that uses pulse rate to detonate the bomb! In other words, with this setting, as soon as the person dies and the pulse stops beating, the bomb will be detonated!
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"It's going to rain, my mother is going to get married, and someone will put their face up to get a fight. This is something that can't be stopped." Chu Shaoyan looked at the front desk manager with a smile, and said word by word: "The fight just now caused a lot of trouble here. We will compensate you for any loss!" While speaking, Chu Shaoyan pulled Guan Nuoxue up and planned to leave.
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Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly and said, "I don't dare to plan strategies. However, I have come to Jiangcheng for two years, and I have a deep understanding of the situation in Jiangcheng. After all, Huading Group has a foothold here, and the relationship with the officialdom is naturally closer. In addition, before we The struggle with the Hong Lianshe and the Dugu family also allowed me to see through some things. Another point that both the Xiao family and the Tong family ignored, but can be used: veteran cadres."
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Bai Feiyan blushed, and unexpectedly nodded unexpectedly: "I agree. Shaoyan has been out for a long time and needs to make up homework. But Nuo Xue, I heard from Zidie that you went to Ningcheng a few days ago , it seems that Shaoyan has already handed in homework to you..."
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For this, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help smiling, his smile was so bitter; usually, when he wanted to take a taxi, he couldn't see a taxi for a long time. But now when he didn't want to take a taxi and wanted to walk alone, the taxi stopped for him one after another.
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Everyone laughed, only Xu Cen broke out in cold sweat, his eyeballs were so protruding that they almost popped out.
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