traditional small business loan $500k
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【small loan of a million dallars 】 An Ran withdrew her fingers resentfully, full of regret: "It's a pity that in the past month or so, although I was able to write a second stroke, it's still too far away from writing the complete Taishi Rune..." 。

And the ever-changing pet system, which has been only a spectator for a long time, has rarely played a role in this situation.

No wonder they don't doubt it.

The tentacles of the Goddess turned around and aimed at Bai Xi, who had turned into a shadow: "The supernatural powers of the Nether clan, you know everything you know, and you know it even if you don't!"

Immortal King Kunji narrowed his eyes. According to his understanding of Young Master Gu Ming, if An Ran hadn't suddenly erupted, at this moment, he would have already been deprived of his luck and completely reduced to an unknown corpse on the side of the road .

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Those wings of light penetrated the space, cut into countless time and space planes, and even turned into a thin layer of light armor, covering the bones of Immortal King Gutuo!
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"As a result, the Taishi Altar, which was supposed to be one of the strongest treasures, has instead become my biggest burden. I can't move it if I try to push it. It will only drain me dry once I go to the battlefield. There's no guarantee it will work either."
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"The avenues of the heavens and the world gather here..."
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"This guy has more secrets than I expected."
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Therefore, they never imagined that there would be such a person who resolutely walked out at the critical moment, faced the giants of the restricted area, and blocked the edge of the restricted area!
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——For fear that An Ran's bad mouth would spoil the plan, the content on the note was written by Emperor Xianqin himself.
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An Ran knocked on the table, and continued after a short pause: "Prime Ancient Burial Ground."
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The face of the Goddess became more solemn: "Could it be the innate holiness born of the immortal way? No, this is impossible... The immortal way is the avenue created by the acquired creatures, and there is no innate concept..."
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