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Qian Shan took the cake to the training ground, found a place to sit down, ate the cake bite by bite, and watched Ma Feizhang and Lei Xinke training in the distance. ... how to get a loan using llc

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The hit Qianshan tilted to the side, and almost fell to the ground.

Su Yushan snorted softly: "There aren't many good people in that club, not to mention the frequent fights, the coaches and fighters there will even touch the female members who need training, even my colleague wants to touch me Once I saw a girl being bullied, and I scolded them in a fit of anger, saying that they should not do this often, and then offended a lot of them, and some members may never go to their gym because of this, I naturally It is impossible to continue to stay and continue to work, and I don’t want to continue to work there, it’s disgusting to think about it!”

As soon as he entered the community, Qian Shan began to visit the entire community under the guidance of Pang Dongyan.

After Qian Shan and Zhao Feifei walked away, they even heard Lian Haifan shout excitedly from behind.

Today's potion concentration is relatively high, which is also specially made by Qian Shan. He wants to see if he can completely remove the scar.

Qian Shan laughed.

"Yes...but I still don't think it's appropriate." .

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"This stuff is high in sugar and an energy bomb. It's okay to drink it once in a while, so don't drink it often." Qian Shan said casually. .

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