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Twenty minutes later, outside a large pharmacy in the southern part of Lu'an City, Qian Shan paid and got out of the car. .

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"Yeah." The honest rock man was eaten to death by her, which made the goddess of Huading snicker as excited as a fox. ...

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"Oh, I see." Zhao Feifei responded, and after watching them enter the training ground, she whispered dissatisfiedly: "What's so cool, really."

"Yes! Yes!" Jin Shangbang stopped tremblingly, wiped the sweat stains from his forehead under the cold eyes of the rock man, and complained: "How dare I tell your name, villain! In fact, it is completely the giant ax helping an undercover agent If it came out, I've already driven him back!"

Just after thinking about how to negotiate the price with Cheng Fighting, he also dialed Cheng Fighting's phone number. Before the phone responded, Qian Shan hung up the phone immediately, because he thought of an important question, that is, his Shelf life issues.

Jinghua finally leaned down on the table, her slender shoulders shrugged slightly. Since she grew up, she had never been wronged in such a respectable family, so she couldn't help but lose her temper.

"You won't..." Unexpectedly, the little witch glanced suspiciously at the big bed in the room.

Qian Shan's mind was spinning rapidly. The medicine powder he prepared now costs more than 6,000 yuan for a minimum amount of one time. He can do three medicinal baths, so he gave Cheng Fighting this small bottle. The amount of his three medicinal baths can at least be filled. It is not a problem to pack hundreds of bottles. With the bottles, the cost price is between 60-70 yuan for a small bottle.


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But here is the rooftop, and it doesn't take a few steps to go back to the stairs. She still walked towards the corner where Qian Shan meditated. She wanted to see if Qian Shan came every day. .

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