what credit cards give you instant access
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【how to apply for a business credit card without a business 】 "I won't interfere with your business affairs. I will report the fight to Yuju after he comes back today. Deal with what should be dealt with, and punish what should be punished! There is no law. Do you think the Public Security Bureau is a vegetable market?" 。

"Sled? Where did you get the sled?" Shangguan Zetian was dumbfounded, and even looked at his luggage unconsciously.

"If you are willing to serve me and become my subordinate, I can even guarantee your personal safety in the future!" Dugu Linfeng immediately smiled sinisterly.

After the three of them recounted the past for a while, Wu Tianhao suddenly asked: "Captain, I heard from Lin Shan that you can still speak in the local club in Jiangcheng?"

"Mr. Chu, how do you evaluate Eastern women and Western women?"

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"No more." Zi Die said angrily, "It's all your fault for stalking me, otherwise I could barely untie it for you. Now we are both entangled, right?"
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"Huh?" Shangguan Zetian followed him to the back cave.
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Zhao Yanni suddenly took out a business card from a bronzing packet on the sofa and threw it on the table: "Don't you think I'm just a vase? Here, look for yourself, this is my business card!"
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Seeing the strange look in everyone's eyes, Chu Shaoyan stared at the woman helplessly, then turned to Xu Feng and said seriously: "In my opinion, at least for the time being, Ren Simao doesn't know that you have betrayed him. If you have the courage You can go back to the police station and continue to work quietly under Ren Simao, and once you find something about Ren Simao, hand it over to us immediately!"
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"Sit down!" Mrs. Jiang was very angry, grabbed her daughter down, and shouted in a low voice: "Lady, how did I teach you, you...you are going to piss me off!"
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Previously, Shangguan Zetian mainly arranged the gift for cousin Hua Yuxuan's wedding, and Chu Shaoyan agreed by default.
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The sky-high compensation of 8.88 million is obviously unreasonable. Although this amount of money is actually not too large for the Huading Group, once the opening is made, other people will use it as an example in the future, and the consequences will be disastrous.
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Chu Shaoyan stared at the countless ant people below, his eyes were full of contempt: "If you want to disperse them, there are two ways, one is to dispatch powerful departments to suppress them, and the other is to draw from the bottom of the pot."
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