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What she is really afraid of is... in the Taixuan Sword Sect at this time, there is obviously another Taoist Feiling who is fighting with the demon gods!

"Taiming, I have a bold idea...Wait, where are you flying to?"

But when asked by An Ran, Infineon was stunned.

Bai Yueyao looked dull.

The protagonists in the novels he has read usually awaken the system in their dreams, achieve great feats and shock the world.

The imaginary enemy Jinxian starts, there is no upper limit, and there are still too few backup plans.

Nanming Immortal King's light dimmed, which was equivalent to his face turning black, and then he said unhurriedly: "Cause and effect are not such a simple matter. If there is a big cause and effect entangled, it may even deceive the primordial spirit, making people confused. , Even the Immortal King may be robbed! Of course, that possibility is not high."

"It's exactly this Thunder Pond. Of course, the Thunder Pond here is just a phantom manifested by the brand of the Dao. The real Thunder Pond is one of the holy lands of Daosheng, and it has been controlled by the Immortal Court for a long time. Overcoming the catastrophe of more than six realms?"

Only then did Zhan Qianqiu turn his attention to An Ran and Taoist Fei Ling again.

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"If the opportunity to open the sky and the earth is as the suzerain said, it is indeed possible to give it a go." .

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