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Wen Zhong coughed dryly: "This" ... small christmas loan

test. my parents loaned me cash to start a small business, is that a loan or owner's equity Hei Lian was speechless for a while when she heard the words, and said after a long time: "What a waste of time..." ….

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small loan in india - how to apply for a small business loan for veterans . However, some people frowned slightly, because although the eldest prince Ji Kang was appointed emperor, he did not ascend the throne after all, so he could not be regarded as orthodox. |.

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However, for Jiang Li, this didn't seem to be dangerous, but a feasible solution. .

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It was just that my mind couldn't keep up with Jiang Li's speed, but now that I've recovered, everyone laughed and climbed up to the sky, laughing and saying, "Jiang Li, leave me a good piece of meat." ...

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But Bai Wuchang had already descended in front of Karl and the others, and said with a smile, "Damn it."

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Jiang Li pointed at himself and said, "I, Cao, do you know me?"

Chu Muhuang lamented: "It's bad luck... let's not talk about it, do you have any clothes? Give me a set."

Everyone heard the words, nodded slightly, and sighed for a while... Time is fate, or, the gods have calculated too much, too much...

Jiang Li said with a smile: "He can also go together and have a big meal together."

Bull head, horse face, black and white impermanence opened their eyes at the same time.

Jiang Li shook his head and said, "No..."

Some people may want to change the thinking of the Orientals, but Jiang Li has no such idea. It's not that he is selfish, but that he is very clear that many things are not a one-day cold, but the inevitable result of countless years of accumulation. Changing the other party's rules of survival is not helping the other party, it may be harming the other party!

So Bai Shansu said: "Okay, don't talk about it, go and see how everyone is hurt. Come back to me to get the medicine..."

Then someone laughed and said on the Internet: "My Cao, poisonous milk! Absolutely poisonous milk! There was no one supporting Jiang Li just a moment ago, but old man Shanguo is a milk, and someone will come!"

Hearing this, Jin Chan and others rushed to the sky. .

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"Miss, it's cold, let's put on a blanket." The two said in unison, blinking at the same time, implying to put on each other. .

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