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Seeing this scene, the people of Haizhou City and the netizens turned pale with fright, and silently prayed: "Come on, cheap demigod!" ... is student loans interest free

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We don't know his name, but we gave him a mighty name - Dabai! " .

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Dandelion hurriedly shouted: "Don't get excited, don't get excited, talk about business." ...

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Then someone exclaimed: "Perfectly restore classic animation scenes, this guy can do it!"

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But someone laughed, that is the slender man on the city wall, he is the strongest guardian of Haizhou City, Tianxing Haiyu, Yu Long laughed and said: "Heiyu King, although you are very strong, but so Talk about a cheap demigod, I'm afraid you won't survive today! If I were you, I would run now, maybe there is still time!"

We're not going to touch Dongdu's cheese, we're just going to get our things back.

Hearing this, Gemu and Sangmu turned their heads to look, and saw a woman with a beautiful face and explosive figure, wearing professional attire, looking at them with an endlessly seductive smile.

All the heroes gathered, and for a while, the entire Jiuyi Mountain exuded a sense of terror and depression before the storm.

After finishing speaking, the fish monster pointed to Haizhou City in front of him and said, "You ants, today I will let you see what a real demigod is! I am the Great General of Black Water, the King of Black Fish! I will kill you false demigods today! god!"

At that moment, Lao Pan's hairs stood on end, and he exclaimed, "Stop the brakes!"

The crow shook his head and said, "It's not enough. I was going to get a tattoo on my arm, but I had to pluck the hair. I thought about the lack of feathers on the wings, so I refused."

When Jiang Li heard this, he nodded slightly, Ma Feng's analysis was not unreasonable.

Gu Xi said: "God King!"

Jiang Li rolled his eyes, but he didn't bother to explain, he pointed at those things and said, "Don't say these are useless, I don't need you to distinguish the authenticity, just tell me, what is recorded on these things? .” .

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Then Jiang Li called Ge Wu over, and asked Ge Wu to help him log in to the short video website on the mountain country, and seeing the dense comments under his video, Jiang Li was confused: "What are you talking about?" Ah? I don’t know you!” .

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