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【what is the phase out income for student loan interest 】 "It's amazing!" Nangong Chengyu couldn't help admiring, her beautiful eyes overflowing with attachment. 。

Weng Hongchun looked at Qin Xiaonan, his mouth moved but remained silent.

"If he's a responsible, good man..."

"Duan Mulan? I know Secretary Lan, but what do you want from me?" Jinghua was a little surprised.

"Miss Ye, I beg you to help me, Shaoyan...he has been missing for more than ten hours, when he...he ate something by mistake, I...I'm afraid something will happen to him... Woohoo! "The goddess Huading who has always been strong finally cried weakly on the phone, crying like a helpless child.

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As for Luo Yun, even though they had only been separated for about ten days, Chu Shaoyan suddenly felt that he was a lot stranger to her. The No. 1 beauty in Hangzhou was rather haggard, obviously suffering a lot in the disaster area. But the strange thing was that Chu Shaoyan felt that the woman seemed to be much fatter than before, and her pretty face was even slightly swollen.
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Jinghua was silent, and the heavy breathing of the two impacted the two hearts in each other's ears through the radio waves.
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Chu Shaoyan handed her a few tissues, Liu Danyan said thank you with a strong nasal voice, wiped away her tears after taking it, and said with a self-deprecating smile: "I'm exposing my family's ugliness, you must think it's ridiculous, right?"
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Chu Shaoyan has dealt with death since he was eight years old, and when he left the mountain at the age of sixteen, he was already carrying a weight of five hundred catties, and his feet were still bound, so he was climbing on the cliff entirely with his hands!
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Chu Shaoyan suddenly felt melancholy, stared at Duan Mulan seriously and nodded, "Of course I remember. Lan Lan, if you want, I will always be your brother."
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The rock man was helpless, and dragged her to a relatively secluded place and hugged her into his arms: "Zetian, you were the only person I personally presented flowers that day, isn't this the only treatment?"
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"He is very nostalgic!" Chu Shaoyan sighed slightly.
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Twenty minutes later, Duan Mulan's nervous voice came from the communication system: "Brother Shaoyan, they... seem to have stopped, and at the same time another boat was approaching... I will send you the coordinates, about ten nautical miles northwest of you !"
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