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What kind of people really teach what kind of slaves, they are all liars full of lies! " ... indirect loan online

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A Diao panicked, and hurriedly defended: "Uncle policeman, we are not to blame for this matter, it was Young Master Li who asked us to do it." ...

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At the door of the operating room, a group of doctors were discussing anxiously, and even the dean also came.

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When Chu Shaoyan arrived, Liu Yongben, a full-time doctor of the Sanlian Association, was watering the flowers and plants. After seeing Chu Shaoyan enter the door, he hurriedly put down the water bottle and said calmly, "Abao is inside, you go in first, after you finish talking If so, you can find me in the yard again."

"Hey, why are you talking like that?


Because he seemed to have known each other before these two luxury cars! How can there be such a coincidence in the world? At this moment Chu Shaoyan wondered if his eyes were blurred.

If it were an ordinary girl, she would definitely not be like Ye Ruoxi, who behaved so calmly, not to mention, so calm that she was anxious to get revenge!

But who is Chu Shaoyan? In the past two years, have you seen very few big men in Jiangdong Province in the Mainland? How could you be afraid of the scrutiny of a minister?

These days, the police have to pay attention to evidence. If you want to take me away, then show me the evidence and convince me. Otherwise, I will sue you for oppressing the people. "

"Some family members are self-inflicted, you, stay away from them!"

Outside the temple, Jiang Wanquan saw that his subordinates were all killed within a minute after entering. He was very angry at the moment, and he shouted at those fearful subordinates: "What the hell are you doing? Go in and kill them Ah! If you let them run away today, you will give me your heads and come back to see me!"

"Um!" .

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I hope you will be able to laugh again soon! Just then, a mobile phone rang. .

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