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And there did fog down crypts of street

by him shall be written,

A burly joy each creature swells

The warm Southwest awakes,

We raced on roads and ice to keep

When ashen he lies and the poets arise to sing of the work he has

A sightless heaven, a shaven land.

And earth's green banner shakes.

That haunts the farmer's look abroad,

To honour his race, this deed of grace, for the weak from the strong

As though they caught a broken clue;


But to vision alive under shallows of sight, lo, the Labourer's

A burly joy each creature swells

What cowering angel and what upright beast

crown is Apollo's,

We raced on roads and ice to keep

Who sees what tomb a white night built,

For a Heracles in his fighting ire there is never the glory that

Not the less is he nerved with the Labourer's resolute hope:that

Bid Britons awake two steps to take where one is a trouble extreme

He would bend tough oak, he would stiffen the reed, point Reason to

The world shall know itself and where it stands;

Future in trust.

For iron Winter held her firm;

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