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【bankruptcy after small business loan 】 Sensing the awkward atmosphere, Chu Shaoyan took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a deep drag. This time, Ye Tianhe pushed him to the knife's edge, and now Ye Tianhe must give him an explanation. But now he is not in a hurry to ask, he thinks Ye Tianhe will give him a satisfactory answer. 。

Thinking of this, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help but feel a little worried. Although he didn't understand Tang Tianhe's intentions in doing this, the gap between them would definitely make Tang Jinlong dissatisfied. Because if Chu Shaoyan were Tang Jinlong, he would be dissatisfied too! What is Tang Tianhe thinking? Could it be that he didn't do this to train his adoptive son Tang Jinlong? At this time, listening to the sound of the oil tanker in the distance, Chu Shaoyan fell into deep thought.

"Nonsense, no." Zidie blushed suddenly at this moment, and thumped him coquettishly, "Still calling him a fox, stinking Chu Shaoyan. Hmph, trying to, he almost lost his life, trying what?"

These objections may seem reasonable, but the reasons are actually irrefutable and childish.

In an instant, Chu Shaoyan sorted out his adjustments and smiled slightly. He took out the ancient star jade and placed it next to the ancient jade of the sun and said, "Secretary Wang, the words of the old Mr. Ye are indeed true."

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Chu Shaoyan said: "In addition, I would like to inform you that your cousin Hao Shengwen died unexpectedly in the basement last night. We have already disposed of his body so as not to be found guilty."
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The middle-aged man with a skull face paused and said: "Patriarch, this Chu Shaoyan is not simple. According to information, he was able to kill a hundred opponents alone in Alaska, the United States, including eight ninjas from our Takeuchi family. Hiroshi Takeuchi Yun is brother's favorite disciple, and he also dedicated himself to Amaterasu in that battle. So I think it's best to ask for help from Amaterasu Shrine, I believe they won't just sit by and watch."
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Maybe it's because they are both members of the Sanlian Association now, or maybe it's because these people died really badly, so Chu Shaoyan's mood was affected. Taking a deep breath, Chu Shaoyan suppressed the sadness and anger in his heart, then walked aside, picked up the incense and lit it, and bowed deeply to those heads three times. Then Chu Shaoyan inserted the incense, then picked up the dagger on the table, and cut his own finger. When the blood dripped out, Chu Shaoyan said word by word: "My God, I am Chu Shaoyan today I swear by blood, I will use the blood and corpses of my enemies to pay homage to my dead brother!"
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At this time, the good-looking croupier appeared on the screen again. She skillfully took out a new deck of poker and motioned for the two to check it as before. After the two of them nodded, she skillfully opened the cards, took out the big and small kings, and shuffled the cards again.
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Many bullets hit the shirt, but were bounced off. Obviously, this is a body armor, and after Chu Shaoyan infused it with the magical power-Taiqing Qi, ordinary bullets can never penetrate it!
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"Cousin is like a Sleeping Beauty...By the way, Chu Shaoyan, Sleeping Beauty finally woke up because of the prince's kiss. How about you kiss Cousin Xuan? Maybe she will wake up!"
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As expected, Jin Shangbang, his subordinate, was already standing there, looking at Chu Shaoyan with rather strange eyes, and opened his mouth wide.
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008 and 009 are the Jiangbei Provincial Police and Jiangdong Police respectively. They will cooperate with this operation to carry out a comprehensive sweep of the gang-related forces, especially the peripheral forces of the Honglian Association, and completely eradicate them without leaving any disasters.
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