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Jiang Li said indifferently: "Since I met you, have I received less scolding?" ... pre qualified business loan leads

test. small business loan ideas With a wave of his hand, the poisonous scorpion led the group of demons to flee away from Xiaoxiang at a faster speed. ….

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" be fair, Jiang Li shouldn't kill people." .

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Wu Yangqing frowned and said: "That's not right, the craftsmanship on it is from the Tang Dynasty, but why have I never seen the picture on it? Some people fly into the sky, could it be a vessel for sacrifice?" ...

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The woman in red followed, "That's right, I couldn't say anything before. Now that it's like this, I have to say a few words, Wu Hao, you are not short of money. As for earning this little agency fee?"

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Jiang Li watched the last bit of resentment rise in Pan Li's head, smiled happily, and went out humming a little tune.

However, Gru's efforts are useless in the face of absolute brute force...

It's a pity that Ma Yuan didn't say whether there were any corpses in the mausoleum, but only said that it was the tomb of the Wu Dynasty.

Although it wasn't as awesome as imagined, Jiang Li was satisfied, at least he didn't have to worry about using too much force and the spear would never come back, and he didn't have to worry that no one would help him pick up the spear if the golden-eyed crow wasn't around.

When Jiang Li heard this, he glared at him and said, "Do you think it's easy to be a slut? Compared to a slut, I still prefer to be a rich man!"

Then there were horrified cries: "Devil! Demon! What a big toad! Don't, don't..."

Qian Mo said: "I can speak their language."

"Okay, here we come." Gowu laughed and ran over in a hurry.

Jiang Li looked at Qian Mo, and saw the little thing yawning, staggered over, handed a book to Jiang Li and said, "Jiang Li, can I practice this?"

It's a pity that Jiang Li didn't pay attention to them at all. Instead, he waved his dragon spear casually, and slashed directly at the shooting star! .

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Everyone's mind flashed at the same time: "How is it possible? .

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