how long is mortgage
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Rumbling—Suddenly there was a strange rumbling sound from the corridor, everyone stopped involuntarily, and looked at each other, all seeing the terrified eyes of each other.

Lan Dieyu froze for a while, bit her red lips and said, "Master Chu, are you in a hurry?"

Guan Shu was wearing a black uniform. When he stood up straight, he would unconsciously adopt the habit of standing in a military posture. When he looked up at people with a cold face, he somehow looked like an interrogator: "You can't find him. He entered without permission." What's the point of taking other people's personal belongings out of someone else's private house?"

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He is just so worthless, so cheap, but after capturing a little love from Shen Yao, he can no longer put on that pretended indifference mask.
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Chu Shaoyan pondered for a moment and said: "The Butterfly Gang should be more reliable than the Giant Axe Gang, but until now I still can't figure out the bottom line of their leader, Hua Youlan. This woman is very low-key, and she rarely comes forward, and her subordinate Qidie mainly does things. ..."
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"What plan?" The little witch suddenly felt puzzled.
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"Are you waiting for Guan Shu?" Xu Yibai's eyelashes covered the deepest jealousy, and he crushed Shen Yao's hope in a low voice, "He won't make it through."
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"You're right." The corners of Chu Shaoyan's mouth curled up slightly, and he used the honorific title "you" to talk to this teenage girl, obviously telling her: I admire your wisdom very much, I also hope you understand my impossible position to change.
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Today is the second day after Xu Yibai was discharged from the hospital, he found an opportunity to break out of the house and come to find Shen Yao.
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Shen Yao sighed worriedly and said, "Guan Shu started fighting those alphas because of me, and he almost killed those alphas because of me."
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