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"Huh? Is it a hallucination..." ... business loan to a foreign employee

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"Huh? The sky ahead is..." .

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The Lightning Sword in Xia Gan's hand emitted a crackling light of thunder and fire, bringing his whole body into a thunder of divine punishment! Sweep away the evil spirits in the world!

Almost everyone didn't see clearly what was going on? Xia Gan has already arrived in front of He Chunfeng!

Thinking of this, Xia Gan really felt a little bit pained, and he also understood that even if he could control the war puppet, he couldn't use it at will. After all, the Qi Gathering Pill he had now could only activate the war puppet once!

Although terrified, everyone walked upstairs under the intimidation of the leader.

The official authority transmitted by the police flower has indeed begun to take effect, and the police who are harassing the nightclubs, bath centers, disc bars, and bars of the Butterfly Gang suddenly withdraw. As for the person in charge of the several smashed and burned Butterfly Gang venues who were previously detained, the police also called to notify them that they could send someone to release them on bail.

"You underestimate the 'Hong Lianshe' too much, my Lord Chu!" .

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Blood welled up in his heart, as if being hit by a giant hammer one after another! .

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