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Qin Mo snorted coldly, and pulled out his sleeve from his hand; ... i need a small personal loan with bad credit and i m disabled

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The word "heart failure" hit his heart like a death talisman. Song Jing didn't care about other things. She didn't go back to the company and turned the steering wheel and drove in the direction of the villa. Mozhen's heart is failing, and he only has one year to live. He can't imagine what will happen. The entanglement and resentment in the past suddenly become insignificant when it comes to facing life and death. He has no other thoughts at the moment. He just didn't want Qin Mo to die. .

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Today's incident still sounded the alarm for him. Before, he thought that he, Huang Yangqingxu and the snake committee would figure out each other's identity and purpose before making a move, but now he dare not be so sure. Today's passage made him Knowing that the person on the opposite side is a person like a poisonous snake, his eyes have locked on Qin Mo. He may have secretly investigated himself for a long time, but he knows almost nothing about Huang Yangqing except a guessed identity. He doesn't want to take risks. , and dare not take risks. ...

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This sentence would never appear in their current relationship, Qin Mo paused for a while before speaking;

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The pain caused by the wound was far less than the grief in his heart at this moment. The long sword that was flowing with inspiration pierced Mo Lingxiao's heart fiercely. Mo Lingxiao lowered his head and stared at the wound intently.

Qin Mo was lowering his head to sign the document in front of him. After hearing this, he opened his eyelids and glanced at Song Jing. There was a half-smile in his eyes, but Song Jing didn't back down at all. He couldn't back down on this matter, so he just looked away. looked at Gao Hu;

The creaking sound of pushing the door, accompanied by Erbao's immature call of father, made Su Nian suddenly look up, "Xiaobao? Why are you here?"

"Where have you been?"

Gao Hu now has a wry smile all over his face;

"I know, I will guard him."

Su Nian was speechless for a while, looked down and couldn't laugh or cry, and looked around, fortunately, there were no two-legged creatures in this wilderness except himself.

The new article next door has been updated, everyone go and have a look;

"The person you trust the most? The person you trust the most may not necessarily be your person."

After speaking, he ran from the door of Qin Mo's office to the elevator as if he was running away. Song Jing paused, probably because of the PR department's business, so he didn't bother. .

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In fact, Song Jing really wanted Qin Mo to live with him, and then add another baby, a complete family, Qin Mo really did not refuse, half-closed his eyes and nodded, and patted Song Jing With his arm sideways, Song Jing immediately leaned over to help him loosen his back knowingly. .

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