what makes a good mortgage broker
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【do mortgage lenders look at gross or net income 】 After Ni Xiao turned into a savage, his ability to control Gu independently and his strength dropped greatly, so he was no match for Su Ran. 。

Although confused, Su Ran didn't ask any questions and just continued to listen.

The first book, the pages of the book are written with divine Gu Dao.

Just as Wang Qinshu was running towards the spirit Gu, Su Ran stopped her and said, "Miss Wang, I offended the Moon Hunter, can Wangu Building keep me?"

"There are no conditions for Gu worms of the viscera and six internal organs, but since I have realized that the flesh, bones and tendons are the main defense, the strengthening of the body, the thinner the better, take it."

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Yuan Batian and Su Rangan stood silently.
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These moon secret stones are still a little short of heat.
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The words "First grade Illusory Immortal Gu source (can be captured)" have been displayed on the golden text.
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"It's really a narrow road to enemies!"
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It is the sound of the waves Gu that used the attack of consciousness.
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This big fan guard is only a second-rank Gu master. Facing Su Ran's punch, he didn't have time to think why Su Ran dared to strike directly, he only controlled the defensive Gu insects, and hurriedly made a block.
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