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After the episode, Xu Kaishan coughed and said, "In accordance with the principle of information sharing, Gang Leader Hua recently obtained an important piece of information: the 'Hong Lianshe' is about to launch a pre-holiday offensive, and it will attack our 'Flood Fighting Association' alliance." Take action. The purpose of calling everyone here today is also to discuss specific countermeasures.” ... getting loan to open mining business in india for business

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"This guy is a lunatic! It will definitely become the biggest joke of the entire sect..." .

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But Feng Wuji didn't dodge at this moment, he was calm and relaxed! ...

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At this moment, any words are superfluous!

Staring at the peerless beauty in his arms, Chu Shaoyan's heart was overwhelmed, and his eyes were fixed on the beautiful white and delicate collarbone of the goddess Huading.

The other person, He Qingshan, is a burly young man with a thick back and a strong rib, majestic and majestic, making people feel fear in their hearts just by looking at him!

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"You wishful thinking!" Guo Caiwei yelled heartbreakingly: "Even if I die! I will never marry you!"


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These people are undoubtedly the ones who have gained a lot in the pill palace group this time! .

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