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【interest free on used cars 】 If he hadn't been rescued by An Ran, even if Li Chong was already an immortal, he would only end up with a tragic ending where the dao flowers withered, the dao realm collapsed, and finally the corpse was exposed in the mountains. 。

But Senior Sister Bai's sudden action was completely beyond his expectation.

She raised her hand in a pause gesture, and screamed loudly: "What do these stories you tell have anything to do with you? And why are you suppressed here?"

What followed was a chaotic struggle.

Not even the Zhaixing Tower!

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If the Xiantian Wutai Altar, as Changyuan Xingjun said, is the cornerstone for the entire universe to take root in chaos...
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Tian Gongzi's thoughts were interrupted for a moment, and then diverged again: "Then, I found the goddess of Saifang according to the instructions of the master, but the goddess said that there is still a descendant of the Xiantian Temple..."
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"Before we get a reply, let's visit another fellow Taoist."
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"Oh, you said this."
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Who would have expected that just after the words were spoken, His Majesty the Emperor suddenly laughed out loud: "Then what do you think, if Xianqin hadn't developed at such a high speed and there wasn't a big black hand behind it, what would be the fate of the future?"
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"During your return to Serbia, did you feel anything unusual?"
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Once it is completely exposed, it will inevitably die without a place to bury it.
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"Junior brother, you must have had a hard time in the fairy world these days, right?"
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